Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who has all required documents for KYC.
KYC will approve in 10 days maximum.
No. No one can update KYC details after Approval.
PAN card, Aadhar Card, Bank Passbook/ Checkbook and Photo.
First of all, you need a referral link, then you can apply for MPayDigital.
MPayDigital works on the process of referral and advertisements.
MPayDigital offers you ‘earn by call’ and ‘campaigning’.
For legal documents of company follow this link
Only one account will generate by one PAN card/Aadhar card and bank account.
Any member of MPayDigital can upload ads. Pay ₹3000/- + tax. For more information, visit on ad packages.
Ads will run on MPayDigital according to your selected ad package.
Web: On web a member can see his earning (calling earning, referral earning), call log, profile edit and other personalization actions.
Android App: All features of web + calling feature.
When a person joins MPayDigital and becomes premium member (means use any advertisement package) and also joins to a new person within 10days as premium member then he will get booster income.
Anyone can get 100% Money back in first 10days. For get money back contact to company within 10days.
When a member call by RMN (Registered Mobile Number) or receive calls on RMN then that person gets call earning according to his/her plan or booster income.
MPayDigital has many plans for future. Like, » Digital Marketing
» Admanina (Adsense and Adword)
» Media Portals
Yes, you can get. But in case of Free Member you will get only your calling income, not from your referred persons.
You can refer as much as your referral ID as you want.
No, only first 25 direct referral give you income, after 25 you cannot get any income.
Minimum withdraw amount is ₹50/-.
Please maintain at least ₹100/-.
10.44% TDS will deduct on your earning.
Administration charge is 10% of your earning.
For our advertisement policy please click here
If you want to start your advertisements, then you will have to select an ad package, then you will eligible for advertisement campaign.
You get many benefits from us. Like,
1. You are completely on online portal.
2. You are using digital currency.
3. You can transfer your money digitally.
4. You have rights for your advertisements.
5. Many portals are on a single application, like shopping, recharge, ticket booking etc.
6. We are supporting ‘Digital India’.
Be a member of M-Pay-Digital and then get advantages of calling income and referral income.
You can use your money in our shopping portal, travel ticket booking, movie tickets, recharges etc. and you can also transfer your money into our wallet by using ‘transaction password’.
Password is just a code for sign-in into our portal while transaction password is a code, through this you can transfer your money into your e-wallet.
Visit on this link for term and conditions. Click Here Terms and Conditions

Note: If you did not find any solution by our FAQ then you can send your queries by Enquiry form.


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